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Clear Protective Film for Cars

Car cleaning and scratch protection film Product Overview Auto protective film is a special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the substrate, a cross-linked acrylic resin as a glue, after several special additives processing made. Features Embossed easy to tear, leaving no residue, easy trapped,...

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Product Details

Car cleaning and scratch protection film

Embossed easy to tear, leaving no residue, easy trapped, strong adhesion, waterproof tensile strength, weather resistance, horizontal easy to tear and wear resistance.

Application areas

Scratch protection film is applied in automotive, instrumentation, hood, and other automotive areas need to protect the surface of the product. Protect the paste from pollution, corrosion, and scratches in the transport, to protect the original gloss of the surface, thus providing product quality.


1.Strictly QC team provide good quality products

2.Satisfactory Pre-sale post-sale service

3.Reply within 24 hours

4.According to customer require design

5.Various size, colors and finishing are due to clients require

6.High quality with competitive price

Customer complain and return handling

1, such as open the package found quality problems, please provide pictures to the supervision department confirm within 24 hours, and confirm the return to the total warehouse within 3 days, the supplier will promise package returned, Overdue not accepted, please know.

2, in the process of the film, if the film itself quality problems, man-made damage or artificial paste bad, the supplier will not exchange. (out of the box damage, artificial paste bad, there are differences can be compared out)

3, in order to respect the consumer's right to choose and product quality caused by the sale, can be returned within 15 days. The customer change film standard is: membrane damage or rubber surface quality problems can be exchanged in the process of transportation, (if the protective film blowing flowers,  Alice, or bubble in the fusing process, these do not belong to the quality problem, it is difficult to identify responsibility, we do not provide customer service.)


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