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Wuxi XiMeiLing Adhesive Products Co., Ltd.Companies in the "scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence, integrity management" purposes, for the majority of users with satisfactory products. The staff of the team, advanced processing equipment, strict quality assurance system, improve the sales network, given the confidence of the future, but also to give customers a big confidence to ensure that let us join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

  • Mylar Tape Clear

    Mylar Tape Clear

    Colored polyester film material is the mylar tape clear which is transparent and colorful. Transmittance is also the main property of PET protective film...

  • Building Materials Film

    Building Materials Film

    The building materials films are so easy to peel off owing to the ergonomic design, which is convenient to use with comfortable using experience.

  • PET Mylar Foil Roll

    PET Mylar Foil Roll

    PET mylar foil roll is transparent and colorless, with the hardened surface which has the general light transmittance of 90% or more.
    Made of high...

  • Protective Film for Floor

    Protective Film for Floor

    The protective film for floor is professionally designed for floor in order to protect the floor clean which has the advantages of soft properties and good...

  • Transparent PET Polyester Film

    Transparent PET Polyester Film

    Transparent PET polyester film is transparent and colorless, the surface has been hardened. It is recyclable that it is environmentally friendly with no...

  • Hood Protector Film

    Hood Protector Film

    Hood protector film introduction This clear layer of Hood protector film will protect the paint on the hood, fenders and bumper and more. No chip, no...


About XiMeiLing

Wuxi Xi Mei Ling Adhesive Products Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic coast of Taihu Lake, the birthplace of national industry and commerce, Jiangnan city of Wuxi. The company was founded in 2001,in the field of adhesive products we have many years of experience in the production of professional enterprises. The company provides a full range of protective film industry chain services, the production of various types of acrylic protective film……

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PET Future Development

PET Future Development​Under the dual promotion of market demand and industrial policies, the membrane technology industry in China will usher in a golden decade