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  • Mylar Tape Clear

    Mylar Tape Clear

    Colored polyester film material is the mylar tape clear which is transparent and colorful. Transmittance is also the main property of PET protective film material with the general light transmittance of 90% or more.
    Customized service is available that you can choose...
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  • Building Materials Film

    Building Materials Film

    The building materials films are so easy to peel off owing to the ergonomic design, which is convenient to use with comfortable using experience.
    100% virgin LLDEP material which is also soft. It is safe and healthy, which is environmentally friendly with no...
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  • PET Mylar Foil Roll

    PET Mylar Foil Roll

    PET mylar foil roll is transparent and colorless, with the hardened surface which has the general light transmittance of 90% or more.
    Made of high quality materials, it has high strength which is non-toxic and odorless, which is safe and healthy, containing no harmful...
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  • Protective Film for Floor

    Protective Film for Floor

    The protective film for floor is professionally designed for floor in order to protect the floor clean which has the advantages of soft properties and good adhesion properties.
    It is easy to paste, easy to peel, peel residue. The biggest feature is that protect the...
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  • Transparent PET Polyester Film

    Transparent PET Polyester Film

    Transparent PET polyester film is transparent and colorless, the surface has been hardened. It is recyclable that it is environmentally friendly with no pollutants.
    With the good treatment and exquisite craftsmanship, it is smooth and soft with comfortable using experience.
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  • Hood Protector Film

    Hood Protector Film

    Hood protector film introduction This clear layer of Hood protector film will protect the paint on the hood, fenders and bumper and more. No chip, no pitting, no dirt rash, no scratches. Self healing paint protection films have multiple layers, each one serving a different...Read More

  • Sticky Protective Film

    Sticky Protective Film

    Sticky protective film introduction Sticky protective film is a clear, self-adhering protective film for all types of carpeting. Non-slip surface is a special blend of polyethylene which is highly resistant to tears or punctures. Ideal during remodeling, painting and moving,...Read More

  • Polyester Film Mylar Rolls

    Polyester Film Mylar Rolls

    The polyester film mylar rolls is a polymer plastic film, which is increasingly favored by consumers because of its comprehensive performance.
    It has the advantages of puncture resistance, friction resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, good...
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  • Carpet Protector

    Carpet Protector

    Carpet protector introduction Self Adhesive Carpet protector is a translucent low tack carpet protection film, ideal for most carpets and rugs. The clear film sticks to carpet without the need for taping to provide cost effective protection from water, paint, and dirt damage....Read More

  • Blue Floor Protection

    Blue Floor Protection

    Blue floor protection introduction Protect floor against mortar stains, stucco, over sprays, residue and more with the easy-to-apply floor self-adhesive protection film. Start saving time and money on the job or during you in-home project with this dependable floor film....Read More

  • Carpet Plastic Protection Film

    Carpet Plastic Protection Film

    Carpet plastic protection film introduction Carpet plastic protection film is safe and simple way to protect carpeted floors against dirt and spills. This economical carpet film helps mask carpeted floors from stains, soiling, dust and construction debris due to its tacky...Read More

  • Plastic Carpet Protector

    Plastic Carpet Protector

    Plastic carpet protector description Plastic carpet protector will protect your carpet with ultra-tough polyethylene that grips the surface to keep all dirt and contaminates out. Features and Advantages of Plastic carpet protector 1) flexible PE protective film for carpet is...Read More

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