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Pe Shrink Film Components
- Nov 22, 2017 -

PE shrink film formula is the main component of polyethylene, followed by also contains silicon dioxide, antistatic agents, pigments, anti-UV agent.

Shrink film is mainly a stress film, in food, medicine, stationery and other packaging has certain applications.

PE: PE heat shrinkable film polyethylene is the main component of the shrink film, polyethylene is a large number of ethylene monomer polymerization compounds, it is non-toxic, tasteless is widely used in food, pharmaceutical packaging plastics, polyethylene with chemical Stable performance, not easy to aging, easy degradation, does not react with the general oxidants and so on.

Silica can be evenly added to the pe shrink film formulations can increase the shrink film tightness and finish, on the other hand can also enhance the toughness of the shrink film, change the tensile strength of the shrink film. Silica also has anti-UV effect, can prevent UV degradation of polyethylene, delaying shrinkage film aging.

PE heat shrink film test found that the main non-ionic antistatic agent is ethoxylated aliphatic alkylamine, which is a wide range of use, long-term maintenance of antistatic effect antistatic agent. Dispersion of non-ionic antistatic agent is good, convenient transportation, processing performance and so on.

Pe shrinkable film formulations in the main UV-light energy can be converted into heat, to avoid the plastic under the irradiation of ultraviolet light degradation, commonly used UV absorbers are benzophenone and benzotriazole.

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