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PET Shrink Film
- Nov 22, 2017 -

Polyester heat shrinkable film is a new type of heat shrinkable packaging material. Because of its ease of recycling, non-toxic, tasteless, good mechanical properties, especially in line with environmental protection and other characteristics, polyester (PET) has become an ideal substitute for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) heat shrinkable film in developed countries.

However, ordinary polyester is a crystalline polymer, ordinary PET film after a special process can only get less than 30% of the thermal shrinkage. To obtain a higher thermal shrinkage of the polyester film, but also must be modified. That is, in order to prepare a polyester film having a high heat shrinkage, it is necessary to copolymerize the ordinary polyester, polyethylene terephthalate. Copolymerization of modified PET film, the highest heat shrinkage up to 70% or more.

Heat-shrinkable polyester film features: It is stable at ambient temperature, shrinks upon heating (above the glass transition temperature), and undergoes more than 70% thermal shrinkage in one direction.


① body transparent, reflecting the image of goods.

Tight bundle packaging, good anti-scatter.

③ rain, moisture, mildew.

④ no resilience, there are certain anti-counterfeiting features.

Heat-shrinkable polyester film commonly used in convenience foods, beverage markets, electronic appliances, metal products, especially the shrink label is its most important application areas. Because with the rapid development of PET bottles, such as colas, spirits, all kinds of juice and other beverage bottles require PET shrink film with its supporting heat-sealing labels, which belong to the polyester, is environmentally friendly materials, easy to recycle use.