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According to the quality of polyester film classification
- Nov 22, 2017 -

Different manufacturers according to the quality of polyester film can have different classification name, our factory is generally divided into excellent products, a product and qualified products, and foreign manufacturers are generally divided into A grade, B grade and C grade. A-grade products sold by manufacturers generally account for 97-98% of A-grade products, B-grade products only account for 2-3%, and C-grade products are unqualified products, which are not sold in the circulation field. The main reason is the high price of raw materials, the general factory to re-use as a raw material back to the furnace, or as a staple fiber sold to textile mills for textile raw materials. Foreign manufacturers sometimes sell quarterly or semi-annually inventories as Class B products. This approach is the consistent practice of some manufacturers in Southeast Asian countries in order to reduce inventory.