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Advantages and Precautions After Applying Windshield Protective Film
- Jun 29, 2018 -

The windshield protective film is designed for use in the windshield of the car. Although it is only a film more than the original, it can bring a lot of benefits. First, the windshield protective film can prevent light pollution, health and environmental protection, from the inside of the car to see, the glass after the film does not have dazzling glare, no distortion, soft light and pleasant.


At the same time, it also has the function of safety and explosion protection. After the glass has been applied with a windshield protective film, its impact resistance is strengthened. When the glass is accidentally crushed or the glass blew, the splinters can easily harm people or property, and the glass attached to the film can be damaged. The film can fix glass fragments in place to prevent natural disasters and thieves from destroying and protect personal and property safety.


After using the windshield protective film, it can block 79% of the solar thermal energy in the summer, reduce the amount of heat in the vehicle in the winter and have thermal insulation function; in addition, it also has the function of separating ultraviolet rays, can protect the sun, and greatly reduce the fading of the car decoration. The degree also protects drivers from harmful light.


Under normal circumstances, the windshield protective film can't move its glass within 3 days after installation. Do not wipe the glass with water in 15 days. It is not allowed to use adhesive to fix any objects, and it is not allowed to stick on the window film. Dry plastic ornaments and so on. If there is a stain on the windshield protective film, it can be sprayed with cleaning solution.


Some owners think that the deeper the color of the protective film of the windshield is, the better the thermal insulation performance is. In fact, the thermal insulation performance of the film depends on two parameters of the infrared blocking ratio and the transmittance, because the thermal energy in the sunlight comes from visible light and infrared light. Therefore, for the windshield protection film with the same infrared blocking rate, it is natural that the darker the color, the more thermal insulation.


However, the infrared shielding capability of the windshield protective film is not related to the color, but depends on the reflection effect of the metal or oxide sputtered layer. Therefore, when selecting the windshield protective film, we must be cautious.