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Aluminum profile protection film specifications and characteristics
- May 28, 2018 -

Aluminum protective film is a special polyethylene plastic film as the substrate, and cross-linked acrylic resin as adhesive, after processing through several special additives. Under normal circumstances, the appearance of aluminum protective film products is transparent, but also can be made into other colors. In the surface of the protective film can also be printed on the company LOGO and other information. Users can customize the product viscosity, product specifications can also be produced according to customer requirements.


The main advantages of aluminum protective film: No residue, no rubber, easy to paste, easy to peel. The type of glue used is generally environmentally friendly waterborne acrylic. Product color includes transparent film, black and white film, milky film, yellow and white film. The viscosity of the product includes micro-viscosity, low-viscosity, medium-viscosity, medium-high-viscosity, high-viscosity, high-viscosity, and special high-viscosity.


From the overall analysis, in fact, aluminum profile protective film is a layer of transparent plastic film that is specially applied to the surface of various profile products. The surface of the plastic film is coated with a layer of weakly adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive whose main function is to prevent the protected material from being scratched and contaminated during manufacture, handling, storage, and secondary processing. With continuous development and progress, the variety of this product is very diversified, and its performance is also different. It has a good development prospect.


Aluminium profile protective film has been widely recognized by users for its excellent performance, beautiful appearance, and suitable price. We know that aluminum extrusions in the extrusion process, door and window assembly welding, transportation, storage and construction of the construction process, due to more intermediate links, long life cycle, and more exposed in the open air, can easily be scratched and faded by machinery. To avoid these damages, it is necessary to attach a protective film.


Taking into account the characteristics of the aluminum profile itself, when producing this type of aluminum profile protective film product, the initial tackiness, easy peelability, and weather resistance of the protective film product itself are effectively improved. In this way, in the practical application, the aluminum profile protective film can guarantee that the degumming will not occur due to interface failure during the shelf life.