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Anti-stripping ability and mechanical bonding force of carpet protective film
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The carpet protective film has a viscoelastic polymer during use, and the adhesive layer can directly contact the surface of the adherend and flow into the groove of the adhered surface as much as possible, so that the effective contact area is increased. The adhesive layer has a high peeling resistance, and the higher the peeling speed, the higher the peel strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive.

The pressure-sensitive adhesive of the carpet protective film can only effectively achieve close contact with the surface of the object to be adhered when it is operated, and creates conditions for physical and chemical bonding, and the movement and diffusion of molecules: the pressure-sensitive adhesive molecules will be The surface of the adhesive material moves, and when the distance bond between the two is less than 5A, a physicochemical bond occurs.

The rubber protective film of the carpet flows and penetrates into the grooves and the gap under a certain pressure, so that the contact area between the two increases, and mechanical bonding force is generated between the adhesive and the material to be bonded. Preparation of substrate film, blow molding, casting, calendering. Surface treatment of the substrate film, corona treatment: formation of polar reactive groups, the formation of very fine potholes.