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Application Range and Characteristics of Stainless Steel Surface Protective Film
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Application range of stainless steel surface protection film:

Stainless steel surface protection film is not only used in stainless steel surface, but also in the hardware, mold. Stainless steel, aluminum profiles, electrical appliances, electronics, footwear, glass lenses, lighting, high-gloss plastic shell and other industries will also apply stainless steel surface. All surfaces of finished products or semi-finished products in the manufacturing process, which need to be protected by film, and the surface of the product must meet the requirements of the mirror surface, can use stainless steel surface protective film to achieve the protective layer and the purpose of cleaning.

Especially for the same need to protect the film within the plane, but also there will be a few irregular slope or product with ragged profile shaped film to film more advantages. In the reduction of labor costs and increase production efficiency than the traditional film protective film a qualitative leap, stainless steel surface protection film is an industrial revolutionary product to replace the traditional protective film.

Stainless steel surface protective film product features:

Stainless steel surface protection film is a rubber and plastic modified composite, is a polymer polymer elastic surface protection material. Its functional role is to avoid environmental pollution during the production process, anti-oxidation, a variety of products and equipment rust prevention, prevention Dust, moisture, scratches, fingerprints, stains, etc.

When the stainless steel surface protective film product is actually used, it has an easy peeling, there should be no residual glue, no bubbles, it should pay attention to its own relatively high transparency, strong adhesion, fast curing speed and good weatherability .

Stainless steel surface protective film product is insoluble in water, transparent body, with insulation, oil resistance, salt water resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, resistance to dilute acid, dilute alkali, abrasion resistance, rust, oxidation resistance, sun exposure The function is 100-700 when it is 25°C/mpa.s with the adhesion of the work item. (Can also be customized according to customer requirements, with better flexibility)