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Basic characteristics of carpet floor protection film
- Mar 27, 2018 -

The so-called carpet floor protection film refers to a film that is specially used to protect the surface of floor and carpet products. Carpet flooring protective film products are based on PE as a substrate, and use a variety of special materials made by multiple processes. The colors include a variety of colors, such as transparent, blue, green, milky white, black, black and white, and the like, and it is also possible to print pattern letters thereon.


The carpet floor protection film is mainly used in interior decoration work. Generally before the decoration, the film is attached to the floor or the surface of the carpet. The protection of the floor is not contaminated and eroded by sand, dust, paint, and paint during the decoration process, and does not cause direct rubbing with other objects to cause damage and scratches. flower. The product has a good paste performance, easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residue. And with the object bent 90 degrees, does not break, do not fall off, after the completion of the renovation, the film tear away, eliminating a lot of cleaning work, and better protect the floor and carpet intact.


It is worth mentioning that the carpet floor protection film can not only protect the surface of the product during product processing, mechanical operations, transportation, assembly, and storage, but also can improve the visibility of your product by printing your trademark on its surface.


The main characteristics of the carpet floor protection film: This product has excellent adhesion, but also has anti-puncture and penetration function, easy to unwind. Carpet floor protection film is easy to tear, easy to peel off, no residue, mostly transparent film.