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Basic properties of plastic protective film
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Plastic protective films are available in different sizes and material types. This product is actually a protective film made of plastic, which is very common in our daily life. The plastic protective film is not only suitable for the perfect protection of plastic products in the process of plastic molding and thermoforming, but also has certain cost advantages.


At the same time, high-quality plastic protective film products can provide a complete surface protection solution for the surface of various protected products. Currently, the product is usually made by two processes of blow molding and casting. The thickness of the cast polyethylene film is uniform, and the low-density polyethylene film is a translucent, lustrous, soft texture film with excellent chemical stability, heat sealability, water resistance and moisture resistance.


In short, the plastic protective film has a certain protective effect, which can prevent the surface of the product from being damaged or contaminated with dust, keeping it fresh. Of course, when choosing a plastic protective film, you should pay attention to the selection of the appropriate specifications and quality. Usually, the flexibility of the product is flexible and can meet the requirements of use.http://www.xmlfilm.com/