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Building material protective film can be used as the protection of the entrance door and the protection during the hydropower reform
- May 12, 2018 -

When the home is renovated, it is necessary to pay attention to the decoration of the ground building material protective film to protect the ground. The ground protection film must also be made of a PVC building material protective film and knitted cotton. This building material protective film can effectively prevent the entry of liquids and dust. The knitted cotton is laid on the ground and will not scratch the ground, and the heavy objects will fall out of the ground. Can play a buffer role, more effectively protect the floor tiles, marble and so on.


Building material protective film can be used as a door protection:


For the entry of various types of decoration materials and the cleaning of various building decoration wastes, they will pass through the entrance door. During the process of handling these items, the probability of collision and friction with the entrance door is greatly increased. Therefore, the first The place where we need to protect our finished products is our entry door. Advice: Before the renovation starts until the furniture enters the market, you need to protect the entrance door! For this, you can use the finished building material protective film to wrap the door.


Building material protective film can be used for protection when hydropower is reformed:


When the circuit is being reformed, slots can be grooved as far as possible; where slots cannot be fixed, they must be fixed and protected. The water pipe should also be noted to be sealed with building material protective film; afterwards, the bare end should also be wrapped with building material protective film.


Building material protective film can be used for tile, floor paving protection:


For the paving of ceramic tile and floor, it is actually a part of the basic decoration. It is often found that the construction work of the tile is not done during and after the construction of the tile. This will inevitably require the protective film of building materials to appear to protect the tile and floor covering.


However, with regard to the protection of tiles and floors, we must also pay attention to the use of building materials protective film protection, the behavior of the tile edge seaming should be avoided, in the newly laid tiles, floors stacked debris The behavior should be forbidden. The tile that has just been paved on the floor must not be stomped on. The floor tiles and the floor must be covered with protective film of building materials.