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Decoration floor protective film paving way
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Decoration floor protection film mainly includes PVC+ needle cotton, ground protective film, and improve the buffering performance of the protective film. Pearl Cotton, wall protection film, high quality and price is also more affordable. The protective film of the floor is applied with a transparent protective film, which has a long service life and can be recycled 4-5 times. It is precisely because of this, when the floor protective film is used, it is necessary to pay attention to the decoration, we must protect the ground.

Decoration floor protective film Paving method:

As for the paving of ceramic tiles and floor protective film, it is actually part of the basic decoration. It is often found that neither the tile construction nor the construction work has been done after the construction. At this time, we will also suggest that you, on the wall of the ground tiles, in the case of paving is not dry, do not rush to sticking, so as to avoid causing artificial tiles loose, uneven, affecting the construction effect.

Before the ground tiles are solidified, do not walk around or stack debris to avoid loose tiles or unevenness. After the floor tile is finished, use the finished decoration floor protection film to cover the brick surface. This kind of posting can not only prevent the sand when the decoration is worn, but also can effectively prevent the colored liquid such as paint and paint from falling onto the brick surface and cause ground pollution. As mentioned above, the protection of finished decoration products in construction is a very meticulous task that requires careful treatment.

After that, the importance of decorating the protective floor covering film is because the whole process of the home improvement involves many links. If the previous construction does not protect the finished product with the decorative floor protection film, the follow-up construction and Use caused unnecessary trouble and loss. It is precisely because of this, if you spend nearly 10,000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan to buy tiles that It has been spoiled since it wasn't finished.

Although it is said that after finishing the renovation will do a fine cleaning job, but I estimate that every owner looks To such "protection" scenes will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, the decoration of the floor protective film will also be necessary, but also save us a certain renovation period.