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Environmental protection requirements and tips for self adhesive protective film
- Jan 22, 2019 -

As the requirements for environmental protection are getting higher and higher, the environmental protection requirements for self-adhesive protective films are getting higher and higher, and green self-adhesive protective films are the main development trend. The recycling and reuse of self-adhesive protective film to realize the ecological cycle of self-adhesive film is the most important thing to protect the environment.

The production of self adhesive protective film should minimize the generation of garbage and the use of raw materials under the premise of ensuring performance, and truly realize energy saving and emission reduction. Therefore, materials that are simple in structure and easy to recycle can be used when designing the self-adhesive film. Therefore, the current self adhesive protective film has a lightening trend.

Self adhesive protective film is a non-adhesive material, so it is not suitable for outdoor environment. If you need to stick to the outside environment for a long time, please use this material with caution; self adhesive protective film is suitable for indoor smooth tiles, cabinet glass doors and windows, mirror refrigerator, car glass, water cup and other smooth surface materials.

The self adhesive protective film can be applied repeatedly, but you have to make sure that the glass surface is clean when you peel it off. It is best to wipe the glass with a clean wet cloth and then paste it.Otherwise, there may be a phenomenon of falling off halfway. In addition, do not use or place it near the open flame during use; do not touch the printed surface directly to the surface of the carrier.