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How to distinguish PE stretch film quality?
- Feb 27, 2018 -

PE stretch film is the most commonly used in the industry, a protective film material, which can be single or tray packaging and other bundles, PE stretch film in the use of need to have good transparency, so when we are in the test , You can take transparent plastic transmittance and haze test methods.


In order to further distinguish the quality of the PE stretch film, on the one hand, the plastic mask can be peeled off from the release coating on the silicon coating, and the glue on the reverse side of the mask can be glued tightly together to tightly adhere the glue and the glue together And then pulled away, pay attention to glue and glue the glue between the longest can not exceed 0.2 mm, so that the stretch film in the use of degumming the possibility of minimal.


On the other hand is to check the thickness of PE stretch film mask, because it is related to the maintenance of the film to accept the impact, usually the thickness of the stretched film to 9 filaments is appropriate, if the demand for deep carving, the mask thickness should correspond Add, or will be punctured, damaged ptrotected objects.


If you want to test the PE stretch film thickness, then you can use the micrometer, only by visual inspection, hand touch is not easy to grasp accurately, because a hair diameter of about 7 wire, and in fact, the maintenance of film and glue the thickness of the end of the paper is not the same, it is difficult Accurate grasp of the thickness of 9 silk mask because it is also coated with a layer of glue, it should reach 11 mesh prevail, rather than the total amount of stretch film plus glue 9 wire.


In the PE stretch film production process must pay attention to the control of each process, which can also be very good to improve industrial production efficiency. At the same time also need to carefully distinguish the quality of PE stretch film, so that it can play an important role in the corresponding occasions.