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How to distinguish the security door protection film is good or bad?
- Apr 04, 2018 -

At present, there are various kinds of anti-theft door protective film materials on the market, coupled with the actual level and technology of various manufacturers, so we need to distinguish when purchasing. So how to measure the quality of this security door protection film? Here are some ways to identify you:


The first is to distinguish from the material of the security door protection film product. At present, different raw materials can be used for processing when producing such products. Protective films made of different materials have different characteristics.


Second, it should be based on the degree of hardening of the surface of the security door protection film to distinguish. Normally, the degree of hardening on the surface of the protective film product represents its scratch resistance. The higher the scratch resistance, the better and the more durable it is.


The third point is to look at the transmittance of the security door protection film. Everyone should know that the higher the light transmittance, the better the material, and the light transmittance can be tested with a dedicated instrument. Such instruments include 3M photometers.


Fourth, we must also consider the sorption resistance of the security door protection film, or stickiness. Stickiness should be ensured and it can effectively protect the surface of the article. The adsorptivity refers to the exhaust velocity of the protective film material, and the faster the exhaust velocity, the better. This makes it easy to paste, and it is convenient at the time of removal, and it will not remain.


In addition, we must consider some other aspects of quality issues, such as whether the anti-theft door protective film material is prone to crystal dots, rainbow lines, etc. Here, the fewer problems, the better the material. In short, in the purchase should pay attention to the performance difference of the security door protection film, the most important thing is not to ignore the quality of the product itself due to cheaper prices, it is recommended to go to the regular manufacturers to buy.