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Metal surface protective film paste process steps
- Aug 06, 2018 -

Metal surface protection film is a very good product, it can protect the product very well, it is because of this, many metal products will use this kind of protective film. The metal surface protection film is not simply attached. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the surface before the paste, and then paste it in the correct way. Otherwise, bubbles are easily generated and the appearance of the film is affected.


The metal surface protective film is generally composed of three layers, so the three protective films are first placed together on the metal surface in order to determine the direction of the posting. The degree of cleanliness of the surface to be protected has a great relationship with the normal use of the protective film, so the second step is to wipe off the fingerprints, dust, grease and dirt on the metal surface with a fiber cloth.


When uncovering the metal surface protection film, first pinch the sticker and then lift the protection mold by 1/3 instead of removing it. Then point the exposed interlayer toward the screen and carefully align the edges to the screen. The entire protective film is then slowly removed, and all exposed intermediate films are aligned on the edge of the screen.


After the above steps are completed, many small bubbles are found in the metal surface protective film. At this time, the flat blade must be used to remove the bubbles to prevent the residue and reduce the use effect and service life of the protective film.