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Metal surface protective film processing technology and material
- May 18, 2018 -

In the process of metal surface protection film, an important process link is blown film. The quality of the operation of this process will directly affect the quality of the post-protection film product. At present, when a metal surface protective film is processed, a blow molding machine is mainly used to blow the film. Its main principle is to heat and melt the plastic particles.


Combined with the specific process analysis, in fact, the quality of the film material of the metal surface protective film processing process has a direct relationship with the plastic particles, and the use performance of the product has a very direct relationship with the processing parameters of the product. Therefore, in the blown film process, it is necessary to strengthen the effective control of the process parameters of the equipment. In general, the maintenance of standardized process operations during the processing will be able to better ensure the quality of the processing of the product and at the same time effectively guarantee the continuation of the production work.


For the time being, when processing metal surface protective films, polyethylene is usually used as the main raw material, and several kinds of special additives are added for effective configuration and debugging. The glue used is colorless and transparent. It is very soft and sticky during use. The product has a wide range of use, and different adhesion indexes can be selected for the surfaces of different materials so as to have a good protective effect on the surface of the metal products.


In fact, the metal surface protective film is mainly applied to the surface protection of various stainless steel and metal material products, and has good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and water resistance. Of course, in practical applications, we also need to ensure reasonable use in order to maintain the product's longevity for long-term protection.



Therefore, when carrying out transportation and use, be cautious and avoid damage to the metal surface protective film as much as possible, thereby losing its protective effect. At the same time, consideration must be given to the surrounding environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity, which should be kept within the proper range. In addition, metal surface protective film products manufactured by regular manufacturers should also be purchased.