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PE aluminum protective film the main advantage
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The current market is mainly the use of PE protective film as   aluminum raw materials protective film , the thickness of about 50 to 100 mm . Aluminum protective film is mainly to protect the surface of aluminum products. It can be divided into two categories, one is the site construction of aluminum protective film, another is a product of aluminum plant protective film.


One for the construction of aluminum protective film with anti-aging ability, with the advantages of high paste strength, the main color is milk white and black and white. This protective film is made of oily adhesive, the initial viscosity is good, easy to paste the construction. And viscose's ability to expand water, even in adverse weather conditions can still maintain good performance, and the economy.


The other is aluminum protective film which is specially used for finished products of the manufacturing plant. The main advantage of the aluminum protective film is that it can not pollute the surface of the aluminum material under long-term storage environment. And you can also print different glyphs. In fact, in addition to PE protective film material, but also includes a lot of protective films made of other materials.


For example, you can also use pp material to produce aluminum protective film, this protective film is generally used to glue. There is also a commonly used material called pvc material. The main feature of this protective film is its soft texture, and easy to paste. As technology advances, there is also a better performance on the market pvc modified version of the material, the application is also more extensive.


Usually adopt PE material to make transparent aluminum protective film.This protective film is mainly by blow molding, extrusion, coating and other processes produced..Aluminum protective film is mainly used in transportation and installation process to prevent scratches and dust on the surface of the product being protected, its quality is stable, tear off without degumming, no residue, which can well protect the aluminum.