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PE protective film performance requirements and usage
- Jan 27, 2018 -

PE protective film in the transport, storage, production and processing and use of the process will not be contaminated, corrosive, scratched the case, PE protective film can to some extent effectively protect the original glossy surface , So as to improve product quality and market competitiveness.


PE protective film performance requirements

1. PE protective film is inert to the surface of the material being protected.

2. PE protective film on the protected material has good adhesion properties, handling and processing of materials, the protective film will not warp, off.

3. PE protective film has good weather ability and sticky stability, after a few days or for a long time peel force increase was not significant, easy to peel off, the surface was removed in the absence of remnant retention, without shadow.

4, PE protective film low crystallization point.


PE protective film requirements

1. Suitable for sticky: easy to stick easily tear.

2. Peeling stability: small changes over time, that is, the stripping force increases the smaller the better.

3. Weather ability is good: in sunlight exposure conditions, the use of up to six months to one year.

4. Long shelf life: more than a year in storage, no change in quality.

5. No pollution, no corrosion: The adhesive is inert and will not react with the surface of the material to be bonded.

6. Excellent mechanical properties: in line with user requirements tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation and so on.http://www.xmlfilm.com/