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PE shrink film development
- Nov 22, 2017 -

September 2012 17PE cold market, the annual gold nine silver ten seemed so dull, specializing in the production of PE shrink film production in September remained stable. From the first half of the year, PE shrink film production has been declining, and other plastic packaging, PE shrink film is in a development bottleneck, if you do not break through this bottleneck then PE shrink film will be a substantial decline in other plastic packaging beyond. PE shrink film want to break the bottleneck, we must start from the following three aspects:

First, the cost price of PE shrink film, control of PE shrink film production costs can be, raw materials, machinery, labor and other aspects, only the price breakthrough in order to better development.

Second, PE shrink film quality, there is no price the same quality does not work, then how to control the price at the same time to protect the quality of the. I believe that this must be based on the management of enterprises, only to reduce the cost of the enterprise, so that each enterprise staff can play a maximum role, so as to be conducive to the control of enterprise and product quality.

Third, PE shrink film product development and market development, China PE shrink film after so many years of continuous research and development, has made great progress, but there are many shortcomings, such as shrinkage, transparency, environmental protection, etc. also need strengthen. Market development is with the product development and go, only to develop better and more perfect products, in order to allow the market to get the maximum development