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PET protective film is currently mainly used in what industries?
- Dec 09, 2017 -

Due to the excellent performance of PET protective film, it can be applied in different fields. From its composition point of view, PET protective film belongs to one of the most basic polymer organic compounds. In actual production, we mainly use it to protect the products, so that the products are not contaminated, corroded or scratched during transportation, storage and use, and maintain good market competitiveness.


For the moment, we can see that in the printing industry, PET protective film is often used, mainly to protect the surface of printed nameplates such as PVC board, PC board, aluminum board and film. Of course, in the hardware industry, the same can be found in the protective film figure, such as we mainly use it to package computer case, galvanized sheet metal stamping, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium plate, etc., so as not to scratch, so as to maintain these Smoothness of the product surface.


In fact, in addition to these more than these industries, in the plastics industry, optoelectronics industry, and semi-finished products and wire and cable industries, will also extensive use of PET protective film. For example, in order to protect the shaft mounted copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products, will also use the product, which effectively prevent dust pollution, but also played a protective effect of oxidation, dirt.


In addition, in fact, in some special occasions, in order to achieve the desired effect, which requires the use of high temperature PET protective film. This type of protective film is often used in computer chassis, cabinets and other metal surface treatment of high temperature powder is not spray, paint masking protection. In addition can also be used for electronic products and automotive products such as high temperature spraying shelter protection and insulation.


In addition to a variety of different printed circuit boards, electronic components, etc. in the production process, in order to prevent immersion and pollution plating, etc., will also use the PET protective film. Not only that, home appliances, machinery, electronics and other industries need high temperature paint spray protection case, will also use the PET protective film.