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Plastic protective film diversified types
- Jan 31, 2018 -

As long as it is made of plastic material protection can become a plastic protective film, so it is very many kinds of species, for example, from the perspective of the use can be divided into digital products protective film, automotive protective film, home protective film, Food preservation film.

At the same time, plastic protective film can also be in accordance with the different nature of the scope of the adhesive film and self-adhesive film two categories,Among them, adhesive film adhesives are solvent-based rubber adhesives, solvent-based acrylic adhesives, water-based acrylic adhesives, silicone adhesives, etc., and more are used as water-based acrylic adhesives, which can easily adjust the adhesion Force, and good transparency and weatherability.


The self-adhesive plastic protective film is usually produced by the co-extrusion process, and its self-adhesive layer is generally EVA, ultra-low density polyethylene or polyolefin plastic resin-based, this protective films are favored due to no residue, stable adhesion, reduce user costs and protect the film manufacture to create higher profits and so on.


There are many plastic protective films on the market that are partitioned by different adhesive systems, including rubber-based and acrylate-based protective films.Rubber-based products are natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber different; acrylic ester system can be divided into two types of emulsion and solvent.


Substrates will also be used as the basis for the distinction between plastic protective film, currently involved are PE substrate, PVC substrate, PET substrate, OPP substrate and others. No matter what kind of protective film, as long as the proper selection, use correctly, can play a good protective effect.http://www.xmlfilm.com/