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Surface protection film selection and peeling ability
- Nov 21, 2018 -

The surface protection film has a viscoelastic polymer whose adhesive layer can be brought into close contact with the surface of the adherend and flow into the groove of the adhered surface as much as possible, so that the effective contact area is increased. The adhesive layer has a high peeling resistance, and the higher the peeling speed, the higher the peel strength of the pressure sensitive adhesive.

Selection of surface protection film

1. Different surfaces require different stickiness.

2. Materials of the same similar surface may also require different viscosities.

3. Subsequent processing steps are the key to determining viscosity. Subsequent

processing generally includes bending, stamping, cutting, drilling, thermoforming, and the like.

4. Reasonable combination of thickness and viscosity;

5. The tensile strength and elongation of the protection film to ensure that the flexibility and strength of the protection film can meet the requirements;

6. The ultimate principle of protection film selection: adequate testing.

Wetting: Pressure-sensitive adhesives can only achieve close contact with the surface of the object to be bonded, creating conditions for physical and chemical bonding.