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Surface protection protective film technology and product features
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Surface protection protective film is a special type of protective material, it is attached to all kinds of metal, plastic, wood on the surface of the foot, in the transport, processing, storage and use, the fine surface of the object to be protected from pollution, stroke Injury, so that the product retains the original surface finish and prolongs its service life.


Surface protective film is generally plastic film and thin paper as the substrate, the surface of a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive to form a pressure sensitive adhesive film. Due to the characteristics of the surface protection protective film, its manufacture does not require special equipment. The use of the product makes the application very wide, and thus it is a commodity with broad development prospects.


Judging from the current situation, with the development of the packaging industry, the scientific research and production of surface protection protective film will have great development. Pressure-sensitive adhesives and pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes related to them have also made great progress. For example, in the production of double-sided adhesive tapes, it has been possible to use acrylate soft monomer emulsion copolymer copolymer resins and apply a variety of crosslinking agents to the diplomatic relations. Form a good performance of pressure sensitive adhesives and products.


The surface protection protective film not only on the product, but also in the bonding and coating performance has been greatly improved, suitable for a variety of uses of surface protection protective film is constantly emerging. In terms of production technology, surface protection protective film has also made great progress.


Compared with common protective films, the pressure-sensitive adhesive used for the surface protection protective film should have weak peel strength and high cohesive strength, and as the time goes by, these two properties change little, so as to be better Effective protection of the product.


When not required, the surface protective film should be easily peeled off from the surface of the adherend, leaving no residue on the surface of the adherend; at the same time, it will not damage, corrode or contaminate the surface of the adherend. In addition, the surface protective film adhesive layer should not only have excellent corrosion resistance, good transparency, no blistering, no delamination, and should also have appropriate elongation, tear strength, and thus more durable.