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Surface protection tape features and applications
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The surface protective tape, which is a specific type of protective tape, refers to a film tape used to protect sensitive surfaces of various articles from scratching, dusting or other damage on the surface of the article. In specific applications, it can be used for temporary protection of new painted metal surfaces, wheels, external plastic parts, interior trim surfaces, etc. It can also be used temporarily or permanently on the surface of aircraft, ships, rail locomotives and exteriors of electrical appliances. protection.


The protective tape is generally made of polyvinyl chloride film as a substrate, and then coated with a special rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesive, so that it can play a protective role, and is easy to tear, no residue, good processability and good adhesion. Therefore, it can be used for surface protection of furniture, speakers, wood board, shoe material, color copper, aluminum alloy doors and windows, etc., to prevent object wear and reduce loss.