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The main advantages and thickness of plastic packaging film
- Jun 11, 2018 -

Plastic packaging film is a kind of packing material used in daily life and work. People favor it because it has a series of advantages, and because the products have different specifications. Selected to meet the packaging requirements of different products.


With the characteristics of plastic protective film, it can be used to package various shapes of goods, can close to the goods, has transparency, beautiful appearance, clean and bright, increase the appearance of the product attractive. It can be found that the goods packaged with plastic packaging film have hygienic and cleanliness, and the sealed packaging can prevent dust and moisture.


Not only that, plastic packaging film also has shock resistance, impact resistance, and good protection properties, the packaged goods are tight and fixed, small parts will not be in the Middle East. Of course, plastic packaging film can also be used to replace various types of paper boxes, not only saving packaging costs, but also in line with packaging trends.


In order to achieve different packaging effects, plastic packaging film can be divided into different types according to the thickness, one is a very thin plastic packaging film, the thickness is between 0.001-0.0lmm; the other is a light packaging film, the thickness is about 0.02mm; There is also a) packaging film in the thickness of 0.05-0.08mm.


In addition, the plastic packaging film also contains two types of ordinary packaging film and heavy packaging film. The thickness of the former is between light and medium packaging, and the thickness of the film is more; the thickness of the latter is 0.15- Between 0.20mm. These different thickness plastic packaging films are used in different industries.


Water-soluble plastic packaging film is one of the packaging products widely used in water products. Its main features are environmental protection and safety, thorough degradation, safe and convenient use, accurate measurement, and prevention of waste; good mechanical properties, heat sealing, and heat Stronger seal strength, better protection of the product.