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The main composition, characteristics and application of acrylic protective film
- Apr 14, 2018 -

As with other protective film products, acrylic protective film is also used on the surface of the product. It is mainly used for protection and decoration to protect the product from being scratched.


1.The main composition of acrylic protective film:


Acrylic protective film products are actually made of BOPP or PET as the base material, and are made of single-coated acrylic adhesive and laminated film. The single-layer adhesive film does not adhere to the release film.


2. The main features of acrylic protective film products introduce:


1. Acrylic protective film has suitable adhesive strength for various objects such as metal, plastic, glass and so on, and has good retention performance;

2, according to the use of requirements to adjust the different viscosity, weather resistance, heat resistance, good acid and alkali resistance;

3, the substrate material is soft, the surface of the acrylic protective film is smooth and flat.


3. The application of acrylic protective film:

At present, the application fields of acrylic protective film products are more and more extensive, which can play a surface protection role for the packaged goods in the transportation process, and can also be used for die-cutting protection and reposting of various types of metal films and various types of plastic housings. , keyboards and other plastic parts protection.


In addition to these applications, in fact, acrylic protective film products can also be used for various types of film, tape die-cutting carriers and transfer and waste; small plastic parts die-cut protection and transfer; conductive cloth die-cut protection And repost; product surface protection; electronic products are temporarily transferred and fixed.