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The main purpose of aluminum protective film and technical performance requirements
- May 02, 2018 -

The main purpose of aluminum protective film:

Aluminium profile protection film plays a protective role: The application of this product on the surface of various aluminum profiles can effectively protect it from being contaminated and scratched during storage, transportation and processing. . Aluminum protective film products are applicable to various aluminum alloy products, stainless steel products, plexiglass products, high-grade furniture, lacquer panels, mirror panels, alloy panels, various advanced decorative panels, and various architectural panels.


Aluminium profile protective film plays a role of shielding: When various surfaces of aluminum products need to be sprayed, etched, etc., they need to be masked when they need to be painted and etched. Masking is even more important. The use of aluminum profiles for masking is definitely a better choice for customers.


Aluminum profile protective film technical performance:

Aluminium profile protective film products are characterized by being solid and not solid, and they stick to different kinds of substrate surfaces. When they are peeled off at the end of the process, they will not have gum residues or corrosion. effect.


When the aluminum protective film is used, the temperature range is -30°C to 70°C; afterwards, with respect to this moisture resistance, the relative humidity should be within 95% of the environment, and long-term storage is also possible. And use; Aluminum protective film should also have relatively good resistance to aging, should pay attention to the product's aging cycle is 6 months.


Aluminum protective film with quality assurance, the implementation of three bags, such as because of quality problems, can be returned at any time; and the price of similar products is more affordable; aluminum protective film in the varieties of transparent and opaque two, and there are seven colors For selection, according to customer requirements, protective film can be printed on the text and design; specifications, the aluminum protective film thickness of 20μM-120μM, the amplitude of 1.8 meters, the width can be arbitrarily slit, the length is not limited.