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The role of food packaging film in the production and sales of food
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Food packaging film plays a vital role in the production and sale of food. On the one hand, it promotes food competition and promotes food sales. On the other hand, it also protects food and extends its shelf life. During the entire circulation process of food, it must be handled, handled, transported and stored, which may cause damage to the appearance of the food. Therefore, after the inner and outer packaging of the food packaging film, the food can be well protected to avoid damage.


Since the food itself has a certain amount of nutrients and moisture, when the temperature of the food preservation is suitable for breeding of bacteria, mold, yeast, etc., the food is spoiled and deteriorated. If high-temperature sterilization and cold storage are performed after the food is wrapped with food, it will prevent food spoilage and extend the shelf life of the food.


In addition, foods in the circulation, when exposed to direct sunlight and light, and at high temperatures, are likely to cause food oxidation, discoloration, taste and other phenomena, such as through the vacuum packaging of food packaging film, inflatable packaging technology And the corresponding packaging materials, can also effectively extend the shelf life of packaged foods.


In addition, the circulation of convenience foods and the increase of food varieties are also functions of food packaging films. It can only be circulated after it has been packaged, so that famous and famous foods can be exchanged and people's daily food types can be increased. In addition, fresh foods, such as quick-frozen dumplings, packaged meals, and preservation techniques, can be easily consumed by people.


In order to prevent food contamination, convenient cooking foods must use special packaging techniques. This technique requires the help of food packaging films. After the packaged food can avoid this phenomenon, is conducive to the health of consumers.


In addition, food packaging film has an important role, which is to promote the rationality and planning of food circulation. Because some fresh foods are easily spoiled and deteriorated and are not easily transported along the far side, after packaging, waste can be reduced, transportation costs can be reduced, and the rationality and planning of food circulation can be promoted.