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The role of glass protective tape and specific types and availability on the car
- Sep 26, 2018 -

The glass protective tape is a kind of tape used on the glass and has a protective effect. Therefore, this kind of tape has certain specificity in use, and is aimed at the glass material, so as to ensure good protection to the glass. . In addition, it is also a common and common method for the protection of glass.


1. Glass protective tape, can it be used in cars?

Glass protective tape, which can be used in automobiles, and has no problem in use. This kind of protective tape, if used in a car, is mainly used on car windows and windshields to provide good protection. At the same time, it can also extend the service life of the glass during its transportation and installation. Avoid damage or damage during the process.


2. The role of glass protective tape

The role of the glass protective tape is specifically: during the transportation, assembly and installation of the glass crucible, it may be stained or scratched. Therefore, glass protective tape is needed to avoid these problems, and at the same time, it can also be very Good protection, for glass, to prevent damage or damage to the glass.


3. Examples of specific types of glass protective tape


Glass protective tape type 1: frosted glass transparent protective tape

Frosted glass transparent protective tape, which is mainly used on frosted glass, is used to protect frosted glass. Moreover, it can also have light transmission. By adjusting its surface, it can not see the glass. Side scenario.


Glass protective tape type 2: protective tape for glass engraving

The protective tape for glass engraving is composed of a base film, a glue layer, a release layer and the like, and the base film is a polyvinyl chloride calendered film, and the glue layer is a water-based acrylic coating. This kind of glass protective tape has the advantages of novel structure, high adhesion and convenient use.


Glass protective tape type 3: glass self-adhesive protective tape

Glass self-adhesive protective tape, which is mainly used on LCD and LED displays, can ensure that the glass on the display will not be scratched during transportation and has a good protection effect. When it is not needed, it can be easily torn off and will not remain on the glass after being torn off.


4. There is residual glass protective tape on the glass. How to remove it?

If there is any residual glass protective tape on the glass, the specific operation to remove it is:


First soak the towel in warm water, then apply it to the residue on the glass and hold it for 3 to 5 minutes in order to increase the temperature of the residual glue. After that, the blade of the paper cutter is used to scrape off the residual traces of the glass protective tape. It is necessary to scrape the back of the paper cutter because the front surface of the blade is easily scratched, so that the residual tape on the glass can be removed.