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The role of the floor protection film and its actual bonding method
- Jul 20, 2018 -

The floor protection film is mainly suitable for all interior decoration. Before the decoration starts, the protective film is attached to the floor surface, and the protection floor is not contaminated and eroded by sand, dust, paint, paint during the decoration process. Other objects rub directly to cause damage and scratches.


Not only that, but also the floor protection film can be used on flat furniture. Through the adhesive performance test of the product, the floor protection film is easy to paste on the surface of the object, leaving no residual glue, and bending 90 degrees with the object, without breaking or falling off. After the decoration is finished, just peel off the floor protection film, so that a lot of cleaning work can be avoided, and the floor and furniture can be protected.


Since the floor protection film is used to protect the ground during other constructions, first pull out a certain length of protective film attached to the ground. If there is a protruding part in the middle, it can be smoothed or the two sides of the protective film can be tightened.


Then, the two floor protective films are glued with a transparent adhesive tape or a special protective tape for the ground protective film. What color of the floor protective film is matched with the corresponding tape color, the overall effect will be more beautiful. This can prevent the ground sand from scratching the ground, and can also effectively prevent colored liquids such as paint and paint from dripping on the brick surface, causing ground pollution.