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Three different ways in the film blowing process of plastic protective film
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Plastic protective film is a kind of plastic product that is common in our life. It is produced by calendering process, extrusion process, blow molding process, etc. The film blowing method is to melt the raw material through the extruder. It is formed into a thin tube, which is then inflated with compressed air and cooled to form a film product.


In the process of blowing a plastic protective film, there are three methods of flat blowing, upper blowing and lower blowing depending on the direction of extrusion and traction. The flat extrusion method uses a right angle head, that is, the discharge direction of the machine head is perpendicular to the extruder, the extrusion tube is broken upward, and after being pulled to a certain distance, it is clamped by the herringbone plate, and the extruded tubular shape is compressed by the bottom. The air inflates it into a bubble tube, and controls its lateral dimension by the amount of compressed air gas, controls the longitudinal dimension at the traction speed, and the blown film can be obtained by cooling and setting.


The flat-pressing method of the plastic protective film is to use a right-angle head, and the process of drawing the bubble tube from below the machine head is called a flat-squeeze blowing method, and the method is particularly suitable for a raw material having a small viscosity and a plastic film requiring high transparency. The flat-pull flat-blowing method uses a straight head that is concentric with the extruder screw, and the flow path of the bubble tube and the center line of the head is on the same level.