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Transparency and gloss of wood floor protective film and specifications
- Dec 04, 2018 -

The wood floor protective film can be designed with water-soluble speed during operation, completely dissolved in water, and is non-toxic and non-polluting during use. The whole product has strong tensile strength, good tension, good oil and solvent resistance, and can be heat-sealed. Printable, low air permeability, good gas barrier, high transparency and good gloss.

The plastic floor buckle or self-adhesive plastic bag of the wood floor protective film has high softness and good touch, and the antistatic performance of the whole product is excellent, and no dust is collected. PE plastic bags can be degraded by water, air, sunlight and bacteria. Usually it takes about a month to break down into harmless substances.

Transparency and gloss of wood floor protective film

Transparent floor tile protective film, which requires high light transmittance, should generally reach 92% or more. For opaque tile protective films, such as white film, it is required to have high whiteness and good opacity. In addition, the plastic film should also have good gloss.

Specifications and deviations of wood floor protective film:

The width, thickness and deviation of the floor tile protective film should meet the requirements, and should be uniform in thickness, small in thickness deviation in horizontal and vertical directions, and uniform in deviation distribution. In addition, the thickness of the aluminized layer of the aluminized film should also meet the requirements.