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Antibacterial mechanism and natural requirements of food packaging film
- Dec 06, 2018 -

Antibacterial mechanism of food packaging film

The photocatalytic antibacterial agent for food packaging film is mainly TiO2, which can produce a large amount of surface on the surface under the action of light.

Hydroxyl radicals and oxygen radicals, these two radicals have strong chemical activity, can cause various microorganisms to be organically decomposed, and thus have antibacterial properties.

Natural and polymeric antibacterial film for food packaging film

The antibacterial film of the food packaging film also has a natural antibacterial film and a polymer antibacterial film. Their antibacterial mechanism is through the action of the charge on the molecular chain and the microorganisms, thereby inhibiting the proliferation of microorganisms and playing an antibacterial role. The main food packaging is chitosan, sorbic acid, and turmeric root alcohol.

Food packaging film composite antibacterial film

The effect of the composite antibacterial film is mainly reflected in the following aspects: prolonging the antibacterial cycle; producing antibacterial properties at low concentrations; broadening the antibacterial spectrum and inhibiting more microorganisms than any single antibacterial film.