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Transparent polyethylene film specific types and some considerations
- Aug 22, 2018 -

In the transparent polyethylene film, it may be a low-density polyethylene film. However, in the production process and the production method, it cannot be formed by the upper blowing method, because the film thus obtained is relatively poor in transparency, and the down-blowing method should be used. And water-cooled production, in order to get a transparent film.


Low-density polyethylene film with good transparency, which has some precautions in the production process, specifically:

(1) In the selection of raw materials, a low density polyethylene resin with a density of 0.921-0.925 g/cm3 should be used, and the melt flow rate should be 2-4 g/10 min.

(2) The distance between the exit of the film blank of the forming mold and the cooling water level should be about 100 mm, and the cooling water surface should be free from ripples and jitter. In addition, the inflation ratio of the bubble should be 2.

(3) If the thickness of the film is less than 0.04 mm, then the barrel feeding temperature should be 120 ° C - 140 ° C, the plasticizing section temperature should be 130 ° C - 150 ° C, and the homogenization section temperature should be 140 ° C - 165 ° C. In addition, the molding die temperature is 150 ° C - 165 ° C, and the melt temperature should be about 155 ° C.



Transparent polyethylene film considerations

(1) Transparent polyethylene film, if it is a different surface, its viscosity is different, and may be different surface materials.

(2) The subsequent processing of the film will affect the viscosity of the film. In the subsequent processing of the film, there will be bending, stamping, cutting and thermoforming.

(3) The thickness and surface viscosity of the transparent polyethylene film should be reasonably matched; the two parameters of tensile strength and elongation should be emphasized so that the flexibility and strength of the film can meet the requirements.