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Wear resistance of polyethylene packaging material and preparation method and process thereof
- Dec 25, 2018 -

With the rapid development of China's packaging industry, the role of packaging production in promoting national economic construction and improving the material and cultural life of the people has become increasingly apparent. As an independent industry system, the packaging industry has been included in the national economic and social development plan.

Polyethylene packaging material is a kind of thermoplastic resin with multiple structures and properties produced by ethylene. The polyethylene has the advantages of rigidity, low modulus, excellent electrical properties, solvent resistance and excellent processing properties. Used in mining, pipeline, agriculture, packaging, food, chemical, machinery and other fields.

Polyethylene packaging material uses polyethylene as the main raw material, combined with wheat straw powder and flax fiber, and then adding appropriate amount of additives, not only to ensure the toughness of packaging materials, but also has good degradation effect, reducing the impact on the surrounding environment, added degradation The accelerator can accelerate the degradation rate; the nano-titanium dioxide and the antistatic agent cooperate synergistically to make the packaging material have good antistatic property.

The polyethylene packaging material is added with a unique formula of wear-resistant additives to make the surface have superior wear resistance and good low temperature impact resistance; the addition of silver-loaded zeolite is safe, non-toxic and has high antibacterial efficiency.