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What are the characteristics of the stainless steel protective film?
- Feb 23, 2018 -

Stainless steel protective film has excellent performance, mainly due to its own good features. So you know the main characteristics of stainless steel protective film? First, the product has excellent toughness. It is understood that the product's puncture resistance up to three times the traditional EVA resin and fruit polymers.


Not only that, this stainless steel protective film also has excellent impact resistance. And at the same time provide a new direction for the thinning of the product, reduce product costs. Second, the product has good light transmission, and excellent gloss, helps to beautify the appearance of the product.


What's more, the current high quality stainless steel protective film is more environmentally friendly. During use, we do not smell pungent odor, and its precipitation is very low.


In addition, this stainless steel protective film also has a very good viscosity. And this viscosity will not change with the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors and significant changes, you can maintain the original performance for a long time. Because of this, in practical applications more convenient and simple.


It should be noted that, in the use of this stainless steel protective film, be sure to ensure the use of foil machine affixed to a clean, dry surface. At the time of filming, bubbles must not appear between the protective film and the surface to be protected, and the protective film should not be over-stretched.


In short, stainless steel protective film mainly has the role of surface protection of stainless steel products,Can effectively prevent the surface of the product in the handling, storage and transportation, molding and assembly process of dirt accumulation, scratches or tool scratches.In other words, stainless steel protective film can effectively ensure that stainless steel parts have a shiny surface.