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What are the materials of the protective film?
- Dec 02, 2017 -

In the current market, we can see a variety of protective film.It can be divided into many types from the material point of view. It also responds to the wide range of protective membrane applications in the current life. So, what are the categories that are mainly included in the division of the material?


First of all, the earliest application is the PP material. In general, protective films made from this material have poor adsorption capacity and therefore require the use of glue to adhere,  it is easy to leave the mark of glue after it is pell off.Now it is largely replaced by other similar products .


With the development of technology, people gradually began to use PVC material as the basic material for making protective films. The main characteristic of this material is its soft texture and convenient paste. However, its shortcomings are also more obvious, such as thicker material, light transmittance is not good, will leave the glue after tearing down,at present, it has been rarely used. Later on the basis of the PVC material was improved to solve the previously heavy and poor light transmission problems.


In fact, with the current market point of view, the application is more common is the use of protective film made of PET material. This material is relatively hard texture, more scratch-resistant, can use a longer period of time.


In contrast, protective film made of AR material has many advantages, this material is actually a synthetic material, usually includes three layers, silica gel adsorption layer, PET as the middle layer, the outer layer is a special treatment layer. As in the production, using a special process, coupled with its own soft texture, it has anti-friction and anti-scratch ability and so on.


In addition to the above described several materials, the current market also includes PE material, OPP material . The protective film made of PE material has better permeability, more beautiful paste effect and no bubbles.http://www.xmlfilm.com/