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What are the using forms of PE stretch film?
- Mar 15, 2018 -

PE stretched film mainly uses LLDPE with excellent performance as a substrate, and also has added some high-quality tackifiers, and has been heated, extruded, cast, and then cooled by a chill roll. Relatively speaking, PE stretched film has the advantages of strong toughness, high elasticity, high viscosity, tear resistance, thin thickness, cold resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance, dust resistance, waterproofness, single-sided adhesion and double-sided adhesion.


For users, the use of this product can significantly reduce the amount of material used, and it can save labor and save time. Currently PE stretch film has been widely used in papermaking, logistics, chemicals, plastic raw materials, building materials, food, glass and other aspects. In practical applications, it is mainly used in conjunction with pallets to carry out complete packaging of scattered goods instead of small containers.


It is understood that after the use of PE stretch film, under the same conditions as other conditions, it can reduce the cost of bulk goods transport packaging more than 30%. So it is widely used in hardware, minerals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, machinery and other products on the whole set of packaging. In the field of warehouse storage, foreign countries also make use of stretch-wrapping film trays for three-dimensional storage to save space and space.


In the application process, PE stretch film is used in different forms, the main use of the form: 1, sealed packaging, this packaging is similar to the shrink film packaging, the film wrapped around the tray all up, and then two hot claws Heat the membranes at both ends together. This form appeared early and has a wide range of applications. 2. Full-width packaging. This kind of packaging requires that the film is wide enough to cover the tray and the shape of the tray is regular.


For the PE stretch film, there is another very simple form of use, that is, manual packaging. This type of packaging is mainly used for repackaging damaged packaging trays, and ordinary tray packaging. The PE stretching film has a slow packaging speed, and a suitable film thickness is 15 to 20 μm.