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What is the correct paste step of PE protective film ?
- Jan 22, 2018 -

PE protective film is a widely used protective film products, although it is only a thin layer, but it can play a good protective effect on the product. PE protective film as a protective material used in the product, not just a simple paste on it, but also need to do a lot of preparatory work.

Before attaching the PE protective film, thoroughly clean the surface of the product and then pass it in the correct way. Otherwise, bubbles will be easily generated, which may affect the aesthetic appearance of the film. PE protective film is generally composed of three layers, so when the first paste the three protective film together on the screen surface, in order to determine the posting direction.

As the degree of cleanliness of the surface to be protected and the normal use of the protective film has a great relationship, so if the surface of the dirt is not completely removed, the PE protective film can not be fully contact with the screen, it is easy to fall off. So we must use the fiber cloth on the screen wipe out fingerprints, dust, grease and dirt , then paste.

When revealing the PE protective film, first squeeze the sticker and then peel off the protective mold by 1/3 rather than completely remove it. Then, expose the intermediate film toward the screen and carefully align it with the edge and gently attach it to the screen. Then slowly peel the entire protective film, while all the exposed film at the edge of the screen affixed to the edge.

Then we will find that there are many small bubbles in the PE protective film on the surface of the product. Do not worry. Just use a flat blade to remove the bubbles. This will help to improve the PE protective film's service life.