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What is the shadow of the stainless steel color plate protection film?
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Stainless steel color steel protective film is mainly used for different specifications of stainless steel sheet or sheet surface protection, such as a variety of stainless steel polished surface, matte surface and drawing surface, etc., or the coating surface. As a result, the stainless steel color film protective film transport, storage and mold processing in the process, can play a good surface protection.


According to different requirements, stainless steel color plate protective film size specifications are not the same, and its peel strength range is mainly 10 ~ 180g / cm. Or customized according to the specific circumstances of the plate. Protective film colors are also different, the more common are transparent, white (milk white), blue, black and white, etc., or to user requirements to determine the color.


It should be noted that, although the stainless steel color plate protective film itself has good performance, but in actual use, there may be some unexpected problems, such as shadow appears, what is going on? The reason why there will be such a problem, mainly due to two factors, the first is the temperature, the second is the emulsifier.


Usually, when the stainless steel color plate protective film is placed in an environment of 80 degrees for a long period of time, the protective film is lifted upwards due to air bubbles. Since the protective film has begun to slowly tear under high temperature conditions, if the protective film adhesive heat resistance or poor cohesion, then there may be a bubble in the vicinity of the residual glue or shadow of the situation.


Another important factor is the emulsifier. In fact, when the stainless steel color plate protective film in the migration of emulsifiers are likely to appear shadow. In addition, the longer the time passes, the larger the contact surface of ordinary small bubbles with the air, the greater the probability of producing shadows. So in the stainless steel color steel protective film when possible to avoid small bubbles.