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What kind of glass special protective film quality is better?
- Jan 15, 2018 -

At present, the application of special glass protective film is more and more widely, many users will also give priority to the use of the product. However, some user friends do not know what kind of special glass protective film quality is better.Below we will introduce about the main performance indicators of the product.

The first is the insulation rate, especially as a protective film for automotive glass, this indicator is very important. In the current market, high-quality insulation film insulation is usually above 50%, some up to 70%.The second is about transparency and clarity of the protective film, which is one of the important indicators of choice. Usually high-quality protective film transmittance of up to 70%, and no matter the color depth, sharpness is very high.

In addition, this also has some protective effect on human vision, make people's eyes feel more comfortable. The third important indicator is explosion-proof performance, which is another important performance-related safety.In general, high-quality glass special protective film not only has better light transmission,At the same time also has enough toughness, in the long-term use of the process, will not premature aging.

The fourth important indicator is the high UV blocking rate.Under normal circumstances, high-quality glass special protective film this indicator is usually not less than 98%, high up to 99%.The fifth important indicator is not easy to fade, in the long-term use, even under the sun's exposure is not prone to fade.

The above is for the analysis of everyone in the purchase of glass-specific protective film in the process,Need to pay attention to the quality of several indicators, hope to carry out these elements, to help you choose to fit the special glass protective film.