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Briefly Describe The Performance Requirements Of PE Self-adhesive Protective Film
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Under normal circumstances, PE self-adhesive protective film products are made of a special formula of polyethylene film as a substrate, which does not add any adhesive. At present, PE self-adhesive protective film products are mainly used for the surface protection of various household appliances. The emergence of this product can be said to be a revolution in the protective film product market.


At the same time, with the advent of PE self-adhesive protective film, it quickly replaced the previous products and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of electronic products. This product not only has the characteristics of low peeling strength after the board is attached, but also does not have adverse effects on the surface to be attached.


From the actual application situation, the current PE self-adhesive protective film products are mainly used for the surface protection of products such as various household appliances, which can avoid these products from being damaged during transportation, storage, processing and installation. The current production specifications mainly include: External dimensions: (20 to 1600) mm (500 to 1,000) m (0.03 to 0.20) mm [width*length*thickness]; peel strength: 50 to 180 g/cm; ( According to the specific circumstances of the profile of the custom); product colors are mainly transparent, white (milk), blue, black and white. Colors can also be determined based on user requirements or templates.


PE self-adhesive protective film performance requirements:


First of all, the PE self-adhesive protective film is not only inert to the surface of the product to be protected, but also has good adhesive properties. During the process of material handling and processing, this kind of protective film will not warp or fall off.


Secondly, the PE self-adhesive protective film should also have excellent weathering resistance and tack-holding stability. The peel strength after a few days or a long time is not significantly increased, and it is easy to peel off. No adhesive residue is left on the protected surface when it is peeled off. No pictures taken. In addition, the crystal point of PE self-adhesive protective film should be relatively low.