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Why Is The Floor Protection Film So Easy To Use?
- Mar 19, 2018 -

The floor protection film is mainly attached to the surface of the floor, so that during the decoration process, the floor can be effectively protected from the stains and erosion of sand, dust, paint, and paint. At the same time, damage and scratches caused by direct contact with other objects on the floor can also be avoided. The floor protection film is easy to paste on the floor surface, leaving no adhesive residue. After the decoration is completed, the film is torn away, eliminating a large amount of cleaning work and better protecting the floor and furniture.


It can be seen that it is very necessary to use the floor protection film during the renovation. Next we mainly introduce its main features for you:


1, soft moisture resistance. At present, the raw material used for the floor protective film is mainly pvc. The main component of this material is polyvinyl chloride. In addition, other ingredients are added to enhance the heat resistance, toughness, and ductility can be repeated and rolled up, reflecting its flexibility. Sex. Combined with knitted cotton cushioning shock absorption, cotton can suck away the moisture of the floor, play a role in moisture.


2, environmental safety. From this point of view, the floor protective film product has stable performance, environmental protection and safety, no odor, and does not irritate the skin.


3, easy to clean. In practical applications, we can directly paste the floor protection film on the floor. After the decoration is completed, it can be directly torn off without leaving marks.


4, practicality. In addition to protecting the floor from damage, the protective floor film can also make its appearance more beautiful, and can be printed on the protective film on the floor. The exclusive image logo of the printing company can play a role in marketing.