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Wrapping Film Production Method And Main Advantages
- Mar 21, 2018 -

The wrapping film has a certain degree of self-adhesion, and it belongs to a plastic film that is sticky on one side or on both sides and can stretch and wrap the packaged articles,  the self-adhesive does not adhere to the surface of the packaged articles, It exists only on the surface of the membrane. Because of this, the application of wrapping film is more and more extensive.


About the production method of the wrapping film:


At present, in the production and processing of this product, the main process adopted is called casting.This method is produced due to the long and narrow flow path, the fast flow rate, the melt temperature range should normally be maintained between 250°C and 280°C, and the temperature of the casting chill roll controlled at 20°C to 30°C.The winding tension should be low, it is better to keep it within 10kg in order to facilitate the migration of viscous agent and reduce the stress in the finished film.


For wrapping films, good tack will give it better performance.Everyone should know that good adhesiveness makes it possible to stick the outer layer of packaging film to the layer to make the goods secure.There are two main ways to obtain the viscosity: one is to add PIB or its masterbatch to the polymer; the other is to blend VLDPE.


The main advantages of stretch film products: First, the product is thin and has a high cost performance for users;Secondly, the product is transparent in appearance, double-faced, easy to use, and has a certain degree of beautification; Third, the product is non-toxic, odorless, and safe.


In practical applications, the wrapping film is not only convenient to use, but also has high packaging efficiency, and when it is packaged, it also has high anti-buffering strength and good retraction rate.In addition, the wrapping film also has good puncture resistance and tear resistance.


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