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Analysis of application fields of polyethylene plastic film
- Jan 03, 2019 -

At present, the main consumption field of polyethylene is applied to the plastic film industry. In the face of continuous improvement of living standards, people's functions of materials are diversified. Polyethylene plastic films commonly used in life are mostly blended by linear and high pressure, and are formed into films by blown film or casting.

Polyethylene plastic film has a certain degree of transparency, air tightness, moisture resistance, thermoplasticity and other advantages that other packaging materials do not have, making it widely used in the field of commodity packaging. In recent years, food, pharmaceutical and personal care products have become the main three directions of demand for the polyethylene plastic film industry. The increasing demand has brought about export opportunities.

At the same time that food packaging has become the largest terminal application market for packaging films, the pharmaceutical and medical fields are also closely followed, and the demand for packaging films is increasing year by year. The rapid rise of the food packaging and medical drug industry has pushed up the trend of the packaging film market to a large extent.

Along with the continuous upgrading of China's consumption level, there is still room for a large increase in the total demand of the packaging industry. Enterprises should increase their technical input, rationally utilize resources, and make up for the shortcomings in production technology and material supply as soon as possible, thus in polyethylene plastic film. The market has won more market share.