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What kind of film material is polyethylene film?
- Dec 27, 2018 -

Polyethylene film is a translucent, shiny, soft film with excellent chemical stability, heat sealability, water resistance and moisture resistance, freeze resistance and boilable. It also has moisture resistance and low moisture permeability. Polyethylene film (PE) can produce low-density, medium-density, high-density polyethylene and cross-linked polyethylene with different properties depending on the manufacturing method and control method.

The production process of the polyethylene film is such that the film blowing machine is a mechanical device that heats and melts the PE plastic particles and then blows them into a film. First, the dried polyethylene particles are added to the lower hopper, and enter the screw from the hopper by the weight of the particles themselves. When the pellets are in contact with the helical bevel of the thread, the rotating bevel faces the plastic to produce a thrust perpendicular to the beveled surface. The plastic particles move forward.

During the shifting process, due to the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the barrel, and the collision between the particles, it is also gradually melted due to the external heating of the barrel. The molten plastic passes through the filter head of the machine to remove the impurities from the die die. After being inflated and cooled by the wind ring, it is pressed by the herringbone plate, and the finished film is rolled into a cylinder by the pulling roller.