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Application and specification of building material protection film
- Feb 03, 2018 -

Building materials protective film includes a variety of different building materials, including a variety of common aluminum surface, stainless steel surface and glass surface protective film. For now, the main material for building material protection film is PE, this material belongs to a non-toxic environmentally friendly material.

First of all, let's find out about the protective film for building materials that is used exclusively for stainless steel products.In fact, the final protective effect of this protective film mainly depends on the quality and performance of the protective film itself.We should know that, in fact, stainless steel products in the use, transportation and other processes due to some external factors may affect its surface damage.With protective films, these problems can be prevented, keeping stainless steel fresh.

Normally, the protective film for building materials used on stainless steel surfaces is a transparent film, so that it also enhances the aesthetics of the product.At present, stainless steel special protective film is widely used in the production of stainless steel products. Almost all users will require the use of protective film to ensure the integrity of the product so as not to affect the later use or sale.

There is also another is used to protect the surface of the glass building materials protective film,This will prevent the glass from being damaged by other factors during its use.Under normal circumstances, the glass protective film with high-intensity scratch resistance, drop resistance.At the same time also has high-definition, smooth touch and other advantages, so the application in the industry has become more and more widespread.

In short, no matter what kind of protective film for building materials, which are generally used for the surface of the object, and play a protective and shielding effect, to ensure that the product during processing, transportation, storage process without damage.In addition, in order to meet different requirements, the protective film of building material also makes different grades of its viscosity in the process of making and processing, such as slightly sticky, low sticky, medium sticky, high sticky, extremely sticky and so on.